Live at the Latchis
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  • Sun 16

    More Fancy Footwork with Footloose

    4:00 p.m.Latchis Theatre

    Footloose (4)The one, the only Kevin Bacon tears it up in a small middle American town, exhorting the town folk to follow their hearts and dance.   At first they don't.  And then they do!  Some of the most exhilarating dance scenes in a steel mill ever.

    Footloose is a Latchis Arts Movie By Donation.  Everybody get, everybody get loose!

  • Fine Print:

    - The Latchis and Latchis 4 Galleries host rotating exhibits by local artists and artisans. Viewings on Gallery Walk first Fridays, at the movies, by appointment, by chance. Don't forget to check out the Gallery Walk Guide. Artists, if you would like to exhibit your work in the Latchis Gallery or Latchis 4 Gallery, please contact

    - Here's a hint to presenters: The 4:00-6:30 Twilight Timeslot is a great, affordable alternative for Live Events. The theatres are also available during the day for meetings and conferences. Community, culture, and commerce are alive and well at the Latchis!

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    - Please be considerate parkers. Parking in the Latchis lot is for Hotel guests only. Parking at the Brattleboro Food Coop is for Coop customers only. On street parking, Preston Lot and Transportation Center are available options nearby. Thank you very much.